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  1. #it's not ok to... 

    say it was probably a misunderstanding 

    Call survivors attention-seeking 

    Cut down and limit crisis help for survivors

    Disclaim a survivors because of age, gender or sexual orientation 

    Stay safe, everyone! 

  2. I relate to this is several ways and recognize others struggles in your content as well. You are not stepping into a void, this is all normal. You are just being human. I agree that anxiety can be within our control, just remember that if it happens, you shouldn't feel guilty about it. Just keep taking good care of yourself. 

    I did over eat during my worst period, and barely made it out of bed. I did attend school, but when I came home I went straight to bed to binge series. I fled I guess. In the series I watched, nobody got assaulted, everyone was well groomed and joyful. I just wanted to escape my own head. I did comfort eat as a child and sort of fell back into that habit for a while there. I also ate a lot of candy and snacks, probably to make myself feel better if just temporarily. As I started to get help, I made a list of what I should do daily. Mine were

    • Doing my homework/study
    • Exercise
    • Reading my Bible

    I also made a rule that I was allowed to skip one of these if I had a bad day, but only one. So, if I didn't work out (that one almost never fell away, I was so into exercising) I would at least get my home work done and so on.

    Feeling an uncontrollable need to masturbate is something I have read in several member's posts here. Please do not be ashamed, it is so normal and you can talk about it here. I am sure many members can give you advice on that. 

    I encourage you to keep using your words here. I personally believe that a support system of professionals, a community and close ones makes a healthy circle where each part complete another. 

    Sitting with you if okay? 

    - Wanna ☀️

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