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  1. Hello sunflowersforme 🌻 and welcome to After Silence! First off, I want to say that I believe your story, sympathize with you and am deeply sorry about your trauma. Having a functional professional help is important, so I am happy you have positive experiences about it. I am also happy to hear that you have decided to share your story and want to take part of others. You are right, our brain often decides to reveal suppressed memories when we actually are ready, even if we might not always feel that way. This is a safe place to exchange support and experiences, with very kind and understanding members. After Silence is here for you both for the processing of your past and when facing your upcoming changes. Take care! - Wanna ☀️
  2. Hello CAB1997 and welcome to After Silence! After realizing what happened to you, which is a big step itself, it is normal to have questions about the trauma, why we react the why we do etc. This forum is a safe and anonymous place to exchange experiences, relate and receive support. I hope you will make yourself at home here. This platform carries a wide diversity of survivors, and our members make a wonderful support system. Take care, I am happy you have found us! 🌻 - Wanna ☀️
  3. Hello LakeSunset and welcome to After Silence! 🌻 I am sorry you went on years without realizing your trauma. Your healing is still relevant, no matter the timeline. I agree on society taking on a new perspective towards the meaning of consent. We should be able to talk about it more, but it can be difficult to do with anyone. This platform is however an anonymous, safe and, from my experience, very understanding place. We have a wide diversity of survivors on this platform, creating a wonderful support system. You are strong for opening up. We believe you. - Wanna ☀️
  4. Not silly at all, I am glad you feel compassion and kindness, and do hope you will continue to do so. Please feel free to explore our platform and it's other forums. Do not hesitate to reach out to the staff if you need anything at all or just want a chat. Have a nice day ☀️
  5. Hello @Calliope Let me second Livejournal. I believe in you, it was not your fault, because every bit is true. I am sorry for what happened to you, and sorry you went on for so long without a steady community. You have a kind, understanding and wide one right here. Your participation is highly welcomed. On this community, members have another's back, so you've come to the right place for mutual support. ☀️ I hope you will create a safe place here, please know the staff is available for any questions.
  6. Hello Sunflower198 and welcome to After Silence 🌻 For starters, you are not stupid, you are not an idiot. You are brave for posting about this. SA and r*pe seldom happens like the stereotypes tell us, and the scenarios are often complex and involving someone you know previously, which can make the situation difficult to understand. Also, it is a coping mechanism to suppress memories. You figuring it out years after is not abnormal, everyone has their own timeline. He had no right to claim your body. I am so sorry for him doing you so wrong. I hope you know that none of this was your fault. Please feel free to reach out to me or any staff you'd feel comfortable with, feel free to check our forums and chat rooms out, and do not hesitate to ask questions. After Silence is here for you! Take care and happy to have you! - Wanna
  7. WannaMoveOn

    still mad

    @mango_star1 Yes you can get through this. Personality change during the phases of processing is normal and you can find back to yourself. You stepping out of character is explainable, but stay safe and keep your doctors informed about your mental statement. Just to understand you right, do you receive any counseling from this doctor you've mentioned? Sitting with you if ok?
  8. Hello @mango_star1 and welcome to After Silence! I am sorry for what you have been through. I am happy we are having you here though, and that you feel comfortable enough to open up here. You have nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of, and I do hope you know that nothing in this is your fault. Whatever happens next with your re-description and healing, know that this forum can provide you with a wide support system of kind members. Hope to keep seeing you coming here. ☀️ - Wanna
  9. Hello @Sj85 and welcome to After Silence! Good thing you've already recognized the members as a "nice bunch", I can assure you this platform makes a wonderful support system. Please join in on the this bunch, and know that After Silence is a safe place to vent, share your story, receive support and exchange experiences. I am sorry for what you've been through. I hope you can find After Silence as a comfort while processing. Welcome and I love cats too 🐈
  10. Hello @tiffanylynn55 I really admire you helping this woman, being prepared to put up with the triggers and suppressed memories. I completely understand that you don't feel like yourself, and that the future might seem uncertain right now. Just know that whatever happens next, both regarding the investigation and your own coping, you can come and find support here. Our community has a great diversity of survivors, and you can post whatever you'd like to get off your chest. I am sorry for what happened to you when you were 19, and that you went 10 years with suppressing. I am happy though, that we are having you. Welcome to After Silence! ☀️ - Wanna
  11. Hello @iluvac Welcome to After Silence! I am sorry for what brought you here, but happy you've found us. I'd second @MeBeMary, our members form a wonderful support system. I want to congratulate you on opening up to your family. Even if you are close, opening up might not always be that easy. Good thing you feel support though. Feeling numb is a normal reaction when you are overwhelmed, going through a lot etc. Give yourself time, and keep using your words when you feel comfortable to do so. I hope you will come to recognize this platform as a safe place. ☀️ - Wanna
  12. Hello Mitchi. I totally understand your feelings about opening up. It is a huge step, but this is a safe place. I am sorry for the reasons that brought you here, but happy we are having you. During my 1.5 years on After Silence, I have neither felt judged, confronted or not believed. This platform has a diversity of survivors, and you can post whatever you like about your healing and struggle. About wondering if not looking at the person you are opening up to... everyone copes in their own way, just give yourself time Welcome to After Silence! 🌻 - Wanna
  13. WannaMoveOn


    Hello @Kaley and welcome to After Silence! First of all, I am deeply sorry for what you have been experiencing and the consequences to follow. Your story is your story, you own it and we believe it. This is a safe community. I'd second @missfrier, I have also found this platform being particularly non-judgmental. Here you can get advice, open up and receive support from various types of survivors. Stay safe and welcome, I hope you find what you need here. You can always contact someone in our staff if you have any questions. All best and hope to talk to you soon, W
  14. I am happy you feel well received, and that you have your mind set on a healing journey. I hope you will feel supported by this site.
  15. And I believe in you! Welcome to this platform. I am sorry for your reason to be here, but happy you've joined in. After Silence offers a wide forum, where you can post anything related to the process of your experience and just plain life. From my personal experience we have no judging and no shaming. Some members are moderators and newbie supporters, offering that extra bit of help, always available. We have a thing called "safe hugs". It goes like this: Safe hug if ok? Take care and welcome.
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