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  1. On schedule today, going to the ear doctor and then the bike doctor. My ears might need a cleanse, and my bike needs some work shop. 

  2. I am back from my vacation! Super tired, ironically. We had a busy but nice time. I have done my grocery shopping. I bought a jar of sauerkraut, some bratwurst and potatoes. I miss that dish very much, so I am excited to eat it soon! 

    I am half German, but unfortunately my birth father is the German one, so I try to hold on to that part of my culture best I can on my own.   

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    2. WannaMoveOn


      @mini.finch Which were the Frankenstiens? I hope you are not indicating you're related to THAT Frankenstein 😄 🧟‍♂️



    3. mini.finch


      @WannaMoveOn Yes! Haha. We had a Frankenstein way back on my mom's side....but which Frankenstein was it? :lol: 

    4. WannaMoveOn


      @mini.finch I love a good mystery.  Franken is a people's name and "Stein" means stone. My last name has something to do with rock mining. 

  3. Last shift before I go on vacation! Yay 🏖️ Also, I F I N A L L Y will get vaccinated tomorrow, first shot. 

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    2. mini.finch


      Yay! I hope your vacation is a great one, and that your vaccine will go smoothly. ❤️ Happy for you!

    3. MeBeMary


      Enjoy your vacation. 😎 

    4. Free2Fly


      That's great news, I'm still waiting on my next shot but shouldn't be long now, but yeah sounds great 👍

  4. Talked to my step father today about my birth father. I described a few things he did every day when I was a kid, and step daddy thinks it was ugly and mind controlling. My inner child woke up with this, telling me she thought it was ugly too. I try to resonate about how birth father could have acted instead. 

    I have eaten oat and raisin cookies, with a side of tea and water melon, and will now try to find a bicycle shop to fix my wheel. 

    Hope everyone has a lovely day

    - W ☀️ 

    1. AKB


      This sounds like some great healing progress! Sending you lots of rainbows and unicorns! 💜

    2. WannaMoveOn


      @AKB I'll open a window so they can fly inside. 

  5. Today, I woke up rather late, after talking to my mourning bf at 1 am last night. He's coping well though. I have mixed the day with computer binge and chores. I've done my dishes, walked the dog, looked out for the cat, showered and just put three loads of laundry in the machines.  When I've finished them, I'll probably go grocery shopping. 

    Anyone else having exciting plans today? 🥳

    1. tuliptorn


      Sorry for your bf loss. Please remember to self care emotionally and physically. 

      I am traveling to meet a friend. Other than than that idk.

      Safe hugs.

  6. By boyfriend's grandfather passed away earlier tonight. My bf called me crying. He is now with his parents. I am just so sad for him. This grandfather took the place of his biological father in many ways, always looking out for him as a boy. They did say their goodbyes earlier this summer, but my bf really hoped seeing him just once more. 


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    2. Capulet


      I'm so sorry, Wanna. :(  

    3. Field8


      I’m so sorry

    4. WannaMoveOn


      @snmls @Capulet @Field8 Thank you guys. He was high of age and probably wanted to get rejoined with his late wife. It went peacefully, however, as they say, the price of love is loss. Even though I never met him, i have understood that many people cared for him. I appreciate your kind words. 


  7. I just biked home and fed my summer cat. I did my 4 hour shift at the charity store and then treated myself with some junk food and ice in town. I don't think about calories this much these days. Being in summer and all, I want to enjoy myself and not speculate too much about my body. 

    What else? T session tomorrow. Hope everyone is well. 

    - W ☀️

    1. snmls


      Glad you treated yourself. We all deserve it sometimes. 

  8. I finally did that Bubble and Squeaks. You usually do it of leftovers, but I cook it from scratch since I seldom have boiled potatoes as leftovers. I really recommend it. I threw in some mashed carrots as well. 

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    2. WannaMoveOn


      @BrightSide Do you have a side of eggs or sausages for your Bubble and Squeaks? 

    3. mini.finch


      I've never heard of this before! Now I need to look it up. I bet it's yummy!

    4. WannaMoveOn


      @mini.finch It's a nice way to get vegetables in your system, and to mash up those left over ingredients. 

  9. I have taken my "summer cat" outside for a while. Her owner doesn't want her to stroll unleashed when she lives with me, so I put her lead around my wrist and sat down in the grass. I usually bring a book, and of course this furry friend would walk across the pages with her soaked paws. 

    I still feel heck nervous about starting uni soon. I tell myself that I have all I need, and that there is no point to start studying hard core in my last time of rest. 

    I will go to my volunteer shift soon,  and then i have counseling over video after work. 

    Wishing you a best day

    - W ☀️ 

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    2. AKB


      I wish I had a "summer cat" or really a cat again. I understand about taking kitties for walks too - my girl Sasha always wanted to explore and helpfully walk upon whatever I happened to be reading! You have done so much healing work and I know you will be ready to go back to Uni when it's time to do so. I also would recommend enjoying the most splendid time of the year when there is loads of sunshine and summer fun to be enjoyed! Perhaps you make like your "summer cat" and enjoy yourself as much as possible before you return to Uni?

    3. WannaMoveOn


      @mini.finch Thanks Finch. Lately, I have decided that I will create a minimum work ethic that is actually maintainable. That would be attending all of my classes and rehears 1-2 minutes a day + 3 minutes of what I did last week. Not that I skipped classes last year, but I got overwhelmed.

      I have learned that if you create a smart schedule, you can harvest a lot of free time. Also I've learned, that every person has their own window of productivity. Some get just as much done in 4 hours and some in 6 hours, BUT working beyond that tolerance window can do more harm than good. Meaning, I will find what window works best for me and stick to that the best I can. 

      Stay excellent 

      - W ☀️


    4. WannaMoveOn


      @AKB Awn. I can kind of relate. I went from zero pets in the household to my roomie's dog and this temporary cat. They are a hand full, but you just start getting attached despite stolen shoes and scratched skin. 

      Yesh, I spoil myself quite a bit. I spontaneously read some chemistry when I feel like it, but really, I have all fall to do that. Chemistry doesn't start until November for me. 

      It really helps that you value the time I've been spending healing. People ask me what I do for a living or what major I am taking. I am like "well, 2021 was a strange year". I don't want to tell anyone I've done CBT and learned how to take naps. 

      Yes, my summer cat is a life guru. She spends like 10 hours/day on the couch, attacks whatever bothers her (the dog or me), and enjoys her food. 

      Stay excellent 

      - W ☀️

  10. Hello there, @Mission and welcome to After Silence! I am Wanna Reading your post, I want to share my sincere sympathies. I am sorry about your trauma and ongoing pain. We believe you, and we want to support you. The idea of a community is to feel included and lessen the edge of difficult topics. You are encouraged to take your time, and how much you'll share is entirely your choice. Sometimes, it's just nice to know you're not alone. Your will to encourage others is being highly appreciated! This platform offers the opportunity to connect with fellow survivors. You can take pa
  11. @Trauma_Unknown Hello and welcome to After Silence! I am Wanna It's never too late. This community offers support and comfort any time. You don't have to suffer in the dark anymore. Please know that we believe you, and that none of this is your fault. When I read that you've went silent for 20 long years, I feel sorrow and sincere sympathy. However, that you'd finally raise your voice is so inspiring! Now I am in awe It's okay not to tell friends and family right away. We need to take things at our pace. You're right, we're fighters, we're warriors. We all come with our own battl
  12. @irisbun Hello and welcome to After Silence! I am Wanna I am happy you decided to give this forum a shot. Also, keep engaging at your own pace. This is a place to share, vent and relate. Our members form a wonderful support system. Summer can indeed be hard. We might experience "summertime sadness" for different reasons, but getting together and talk is a good initiative. Generally, when we talk about our triggers and issues, it takes the edge off the topic a bit. I am sincerely sorry for your trauma and pain. Please know that it was not your fault, and that we believe you. Af
  13. My boss mailed me today. I will have 3 volunteer shifts a week, and in exchange I'll receive wide training and a reference by the end of the summer. I did not want the pressure of a paid job, even if I applied to some and failed. I believe this is better, so I have something to do but still space to develop and heal. 

  14. @TeaganMT Welcome to After Silence! I am Wanna First off, I am sincerely sorry about your trauma and pain. Please know, that this is not on you. We believe you, and you have nothing to be ashamed about. Whatever your relations are, he had no excuse to force you into something you didn't want to. It's okay if the timeline is a bit blurry, that is completely normal. When something traumatic happens to us, we need to be allowed to process. We need to be able to share our voice, so that we can start our healing journey. You did right by coming here. I am proud of you for reaching
  15. @Maksim Hello and welcome to After Silence! I am Wanna You did the right thing by coming here. As I understand your example of realizing something was off years later, I want to stress that you were a minor. Minors cannot give consent. Even if a minor is convinced they're approving, they just can't. What I want to say, is that adults have a completely other responsibility when it comes to adult-minor rather than adult-adult. Children might not understand what's happening either. Perpetrators tend to manipulate a situation too, so it will appear as something different. Even if your
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