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  1. I'm so drained. I'm longing for the weekend. I donated Blood yesterday and slept unwell, and I'm having a full day scheduled, evening, too. Support appreciated. 

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    2. WannaMoveOn


      @Finchy B+, I couldn't even get an A on my blood type 😄 

      Yup, I will work hard today, go to church tonight to volunteer at the kid's fair and then take a sloooow weekend off. 

    3. Finchy


      :lol: Good one, Wanna! Haha. B+...that does sound like a rare blood type!

      Good luck with the volunteering. :) Then rest up!

    4. WannaMoveOn


      @Finchy Scented candle, streaming service, snacks and fav blankie as we speak! B+ is more common in Asia and Middle East they say. Which is ironic since I only have central European roots. B+ can give and receive AB and B- so that's good. Disadvantage is that B+ is the highest blood type risk for diabetes, 35%. I'm not stressed out though, I still have those 65% to work on. 

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