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  1. Took an early weekend today. I've finished my weekly cleaning and chores. I have about 2 hours worth of preparing left before the exam, and I'll have Monday and Tuesday for that. I am just finishing my last mind map, which won't be that big either. My exam is a "home exam", meaning we can use our literature and notes to write 7-10 pages in 3 days. So I'll better recharge now. 

    I like how my body works. It knew I could afford to make today a half day, so it made me sleepy after lunch. It claimed the rest it didn't get over the past few weeks. 

    I am thinking of ordering in, treating myself a bit. 

    This week has also been my non-exercise week. My body has rested and my muscles have healed extra. I might hit the gym tomorrow since I've missed it. 

    Have a nice weekend, y'all! ☀️

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