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  1. Watching this fur baby today. When my friend comes back we’ll eat something Mexican. Probably tacos enchiladas. 🌮 


    1. Finchy


      Awwwwww. ❤️ So sweet! Furbaby sitting is so great. :) 

      I hope you had some yummy food! Mexican sounds good!

    2. WannaMoveOn


      @mini.finch I made a creamy tacos enchiladas while watching the dog. Never made them myself before but turned out pretty nicely. So hungry after over 11.000 steps that day. I took the puppy for a long walk, 1 hour counting 4000+ steps. We went to parks, into a thrift store and through the city. She was so excited. Aside from that, we had several walkies throughout the day since she is a small breed, that needs to wee more often. 

      I usually avoid mentioning step count to not cause trigger, but this was out of the ordinary for me, so I am trying to paint a picture of that we had many, many walkies 😆

    3. Doll6


      Very cute 

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