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  1. I have taken my "summer cat" outside for a while. Her owner doesn't want her to stroll unleashed when she lives with me, so I put her lead around my wrist and sat down in the grass. I usually bring a book, and of course this furry friend would walk across the pages with her soaked paws. 

    I still feel heck nervous about starting uni soon. I tell myself that I have all I need, and that there is no point to start studying hard core in my last time of rest. 

    I will go to my volunteer shift soon,  and then i have counseling over video after work. 

    Wishing you a best day

    - W ☀️ 

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    2. AKB


      I wish I had a "summer cat" or really a cat again. I understand about taking kitties for walks too - my girl Sasha always wanted to explore and helpfully walk upon whatever I happened to be reading! You have done so much healing work and I know you will be ready to go back to Uni when it's time to do so. I also would recommend enjoying the most splendid time of the year when there is loads of sunshine and summer fun to be enjoyed! Perhaps you make like your "summer cat" and enjoy yourself as much as possible before you return to Uni?

    3. WannaMoveOn


      @mini.finch Thanks Finch. Lately, I have decided that I will create a minimum work ethic that is actually maintainable. That would be attending all of my classes and rehears 1-2 minutes a day + 3 minutes of what I did last week. Not that I skipped classes last year, but I got overwhelmed.

      I have learned that if you create a smart schedule, you can harvest a lot of free time. Also I've learned, that every person has their own window of productivity. Some get just as much done in 4 hours and some in 6 hours, BUT working beyond that tolerance window can do more harm than good. Meaning, I will find what window works best for me and stick to that the best I can. 

      Stay excellent 

      - W ☀️


    4. WannaMoveOn


      @AKB Awn. I can kind of relate. I went from zero pets in the household to my roomie's dog and this temporary cat. They are a hand full, but you just start getting attached despite stolen shoes and scratched skin. 

      Yesh, I spoil myself quite a bit. I spontaneously read some chemistry when I feel like it, but really, I have all fall to do that. Chemistry doesn't start until November for me. 

      It really helps that you value the time I've been spending healing. People ask me what I do for a living or what major I am taking. I am like "well, 2021 was a strange year". I don't want to tell anyone I've done CBT and learned how to take naps. 

      Yes, my summer cat is a life guru. She spends like 10 hours/day on the couch, attacks whatever bothers her (the dog or me), and enjoys her food. 

      Stay excellent 

      - W ☀️

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