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  1. Today I tried peanut butter and jelly oat meal. I have my oat meal with sunflower corns and pumpkin corns, mixed with raisins. Today, I added a spoon of peanut butter and some jelly since I don't fancy bread right now. It was good! 

    1. abhaya


      That's awesome!  I love Oatmeal! I lived for a few months at a Buddhist monastery (in the USA) and we used to have oatmeal every morning, and my favorite combo: adding crunchy peanut butter warmed berries (from frozen) or plum sauce (basically applesauce but made with plums), a healthy scoop of plain yogurt, a little brown sugar and... a dash of soy sauce!  The soy sauce is just to add salt and it distributes well into the oatmeal rather than salt granules, but it's literally a "dash" so you don't taste it.  It's also great because if you cook the oats with the salt in it makes them gluey, so if you reserve the salt until after it's cooked the texture is way better.  Ok, end of silly unsolicited oatmeal rant, your oatmeal choices sound delicious!


    2. snmls


      Yummy. I always add peanut butter into my oatmeal. 

    3. mini.finch


      Peanut butter gives me heartburn, so I don't have it very often...but what you made sounds really good! I'm craving oatmeal now! 😄

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