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  1. It’s not about you I get to have boundaries I’ve cried every day every molecule of your being stresses me out
  2. frog52


    https://oaesv.org/ new resource for ohio, you might need to dig a bit on the website, there is a wealth of info here
  3. you are completely utterly disgusting a baby?? seriously? you asshole!! hope it hurt like hell death looks good on you time to burn it all down
  4. im glad you are dead i still hate all flowers hope you dont get flowers i never ever said yes anything but yes is NO
  5. These are awesome- I love the second one. Something else I had to learn was 'you are allowed to change your mind'
  6. That's right, I HATE you. I'm not sorry, never sorry I did not lie, @sshole you ruined so very much I'm not talking to you
  7. frog52


    HI- I'm new , because this is public, I will gradually post more in a non google searchable forum Frog52
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