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  1. Hi I'm alyssa and I am 21. I was sexually abused by my older brother. When I was four. No one knew till I was eight, and my parents didnt know till I was a teen. I was also molested by my step father from ages 11 to 17. No one believed me when I spoke up. I dont want to go into detail, not because I cant handle it, believe me I love telling my story to those that will listen. But I will keep it short as my story can be extremely triggering. I went through it all alone. I didn't get a therapist till this year, and I've handled the pain alone for 15 years. I was secluded as a child and never really talked to anyone, so im glad this group exists as I am very socially awkward. I thought I was completely healed. I thought I handled my problems well but I'm realizing that I dont and my entire life revolves around the abuse. Including my love life. I have the most wonderful partner in the world, and I'm afraid of hurting him. You see after abuse usually the person cant stand sex or focuses on it to much and I focus to much. So much it really affects our relationship. It hurts me that I'm so addicted to it it causes fights between us. I want that to stop. I want to stop focusing on it. I'm hoping that becoming friends and talking openly about this will help. Either way I'm giving it a shot. So hello, I'm alyssa, and I hope to get to know you all well.
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