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  1. Hi, I hope you find the support and acceptance you are looking for to help you feel strong again. There is not one survivor out there who is pathetic...thats including you! We have coped with pain that a lot of people will never understand or feel themselves. You are stronger than you think
  2. Hi and happy birthday to the cat!! I'm due to move into my first house soon and cant wait to get a kitten! Cats give you respect and love and don't judge...
  3. Hi Geraldine, just wanted to say hi; I'm new too and hope we can both get something positive from the site
  4. Hi, I'm new on here and have just read your post. I think it is really hard for anyone to be able to tell you what is the best thing to do; as hard as it may sound, I think that it is a decision that you have to come to yourself and then use the support on this site to help you get through which ever path you choose. It sounds like a really hard and painful situation and I bet you are so lost and confused, wanting answers but also wanting to be there for your mum. My advice is to take your time to absorb the information you read; when your mind stops racing so much and you have chance to thin
  5. Thankyou for your comments, they have helped and it helped just being able to write it down. I think I forget to give myself permission to cry and not be okay sometimes.
  6. I have never really been on any site like this beofre so please forgive me as I dont really know the right way to put everything. I just know that I need some support today fropm people that understand. I was raped 12 years ago, I have worked hard to get through it and in general think I do well, though I have my bad days when my demons take over, like anyone. I was walking to work this morning to do some overtime and a man who was staggering started to really stare at me - he wasn't drunk, I think he was on drugs. My insticnts told me to get away from him so I crossed the road - he then sho
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