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  1. Hi Maddie I was 15 too when I was raped by a stranger. You are not alone. Welcome to AS. Gerri
  2. Hello B and welcome to AS Gerri
  3. Hello Clem and welcome to AS. Gerri.
  4. Hello and welcome to AS. This site is really supportive and safe. Gerri
  5. Welcome to AS. Take your time, there is no rush. Gerri.
  6. Hello Jackie and welcome to AS. Gerri
  7. Hi and welcome to AS. Gerri
  8. Hi and welcome to AS Gerri
  9. Hi and welcome to AS. It is safe here and no one judges. Gerri.
  10. Hi and welcome to AS. I felt exactly the same way as you when I joined. (not long ago) Take your time, post when you are ready. Gerri
  11. Hi and welcome to AS. Everyone reacts to abuse in different ways. You are not a freak. ( I was going to respond earlier but had a toilet training crisis) Gerri.
  12. Geraldine


    Hello Welcome to AS. Gerri.
  13. "Why didn't you scream" - from my counselor.
  14. Hi Quinn Glad you found AS. It has already made such a difference to me. Hope you find what you are looking for. Gerri
  15. Hello to you too. I am newer than you so just wanted to say Hi. Gerri
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