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  1. No I have not sought help from a professional yet... But I plan on talking to one after I graduate so I won't have to worry about having to tell my dad yet. He has kind of always had strong negative views about LGBTQ and I'm afraid he would just try to hide this so that It doesn't make him or me look bad, in his eyes. And thank you all for such a warm welcome! I think I'm going to post my full or close to full story on the other forum that I noticed earlier.
  2. Hello, this is my first time really reaching out to other people like me or people who have gone through what I have. Ill try to keep my introduction short and leave my full story for the other forum. I'm Cam and I am a 17 year old male living in the North East part of Alabama. It happened to me around 4 years ago, and since then i have only been comfortable telling one person (untill now) that is my gf who has been really supportive and helpful to me. She suggested the other day that I might feel a little better by reaching out and talking to other survivors and friends of survivors. Maybe I will also be able to help other people who want to talk as well. So here I am! Thank you again for your time. 🙂
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