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  1. I think that's what I like so much about this site. Anyone who has not experienced such a trauma would not understand. I feel lucky for having found this group. I think it is helping already. I hope you get some closure on this particular trigger. I'm rooting for you, - Healing4Life
  2. I often have extreme emotional responses to things that I don't understand and when I bring it up to my T, she makes the connection so easily and I just think, "DUH! How did I not see that?!" Though I am getting better at it after three years of counseling. She also tells me all the time that these emotional responses WILL cease once I successfully process through my trauma. So many seemingly off-the-wall triggers. The other thing that strikes me about this post is how I can relate to keeping people at arm's length, then being surprised when they stay there even though I want them closer. For instance, I recently lost my job (couldn't handle the PTSD symptoms at work) and the people I had worked with for nearly a decade don't speak to me anymore. I didn't do anything wrong, I was just anxious. Then it occurred to me that I made sure I didn't get too close to anyone. They'll just hurt me. Well, it worked. They don't seem to care I'm gone. It sounds like M can help you make connections between emotional responses and the trauma. Perhaps she can help you process through it some more as well. Thanks for sharing. I know it wasn't easy. - Healing4Life
  3. Thank you all for the very warm welcome!
  4. I spent 26 years minimizing or even denying it happened. Then, just over a year ago, I suddenly couldn't get it out of my mind. I had already been working with a therapist on anxiety and pain-from-unknown-origin issues for two years with some success. I finally told her about it and she was terrific. She's been helping me process through it ever since. I'm healing. As my handle suggests, it feels like it's going to take a lifetime to fully heal, but, more importantly, I am healing to live. I'm healing for a better, more fuller life. I also know that I am at a point in my healing that I can help others even though I still need help myself. I now know that there is life after silence and I appreciate the opportunity to join this group so we can heal together.
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