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  1. Hi and welcome to AS, i hope this place helps you as much as it has us, i can understand all your fears at the moment and just want to say one thing, you say you do not want your life defined by what he did to you, but going by what you said here that is exactly what you are doing, if you just shut it away and try and have a normal happy life again and maybe even one day enjoying male company then you are letting it define you and letting him win, it is early days but please if you learn anything from us learn to work through all your problem areas instead of hiding from them they will just ha
  2. Hello and welcome, this is a very suportive friendly site, i hope you find the help and suport you need with us, feel free to message me if you have any worries, i have found great suport here, welcome to AS, lostsoul.
  3. Hi Welcome to AS, you are in the best place to get suport from people that go through the same problems as you, ive only been here a couple of weeks but i no longer feel im going crazy, it is such a comfort to know how your feeling is natural after the lifes we have had, i hope you find the suport and understanding you need here take care of your self and hope to talk to you more. Hugs, kirsty.xx
  4. lostsoul


    Hi and welcome to AS, you heard right this is a very good sight for support, ive only been here a couple of weeks myself but it is such a relief to know you are not alone and that you are not going crazy with all the thoughts and emotions that go through our heads, you are still here you are a survivor and you will learn how to fly again, hope to speek to you soon, kirsty.hugs
  5. Hi, feel very vulnerable on here, and pathetic, i am a 34yr old mother of 3, and have been existing for most of my life trying to be normal, i was sexualy abused by my uncle consistantly on a wkly basis for 5 yrs and have been raped 3 times, i cannot sustain a normal relationship, i have been in my relationship for 4 yrs but am now at the point i need to leave, i feel very alone and get no suport, just dont want to be here any more.
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