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  1. Welcome luv, you are in a safe place,so sit back ,read, talk and we will follow. Have a great day!
  2. Hi Milinda, welcome to a caring place.......
  3. Welcome to a safe place full of good people with safe hugs, a giving heart, and an open mind.
  4. Hey Nettie, welcome!!!! You have found a great place to come and share or just read, we will support you no mater what.
  5. Welcome ms. Hummingbird................Safe hugs only
  6. Gdog


    Welcome Flop, love the name. Looking forward to seeing you on the posts.Going to bed now, nite!!!!!!
  7. Welcome Mike, you are in a safe place and all of us have our own demons we are dealing with, hopfully we will be a good sounding board for you......Gdog {Theresa}
  8. Welcome to AS......Iknow you are not a freak, before working with a "T" ,I to used sex as a way to escape my memories and sinse of worthlessness......There is hope.......Gdog
  9. Gdog


    Welcome to a safe place.
  10. :533: Welcome,Welcome,Welcome You have found a safe place.
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