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  1. Hia, just been reading some posts and you are all so supportive and lovely I am in the healing process, trying to get my life back to normal. Had some therapy to talk about things which was good for a while as I couldn't tell my friends what was really going on. At least not at first? I thought I was getting better but I think its going to be a long road =/ I want a normal sex life with my boyfriend where I dont get panic attacks half way through, I dont want to feel paranoid that my attacker will walk into my work place or he will be following me or anything.. survivors, does it ever get back to normal?
  2. Tank Girl

    28 Days

    Hia, so sorry this happened to you! Something really similar happened to me as well I am prone to alcohol black outs and a work collegue took advantage of that... knowing full well I wasn't interested and that I had a boyfriend. But he fancied me and I was being friendly (naturally being friendly when drunk) and I blacled out... next thing I know I am awake in his bed with no idea how I got there.. little flash backs still haunt me, he told people we were 'having an affair' and that 'he loved me'.. but I have been to counselling about it and everytime I hear his name I whince, saw him in town for a split second and had a wave of fear over me for a good hour =/ I feel a bit better after some counselling but its not perfect... Haven't managed to have sex with my boyfriend since I keep crying/ panicking luckily he is pretty understanding. I just want to be normal again really? I heard if you are prone to black outs when drunk its called dual drunken personality disorder? You can seem totally fine but the part of your brain that makes memories stops working from high amounts of alcohol, and some people are more prone than others... I totally get how you are feeling xx
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