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Hi — I like meeting new people from very different backgrounds.  I enjoy doing small random acts of things to brighten the day of others.  While I struggle with simplicity at times, I have the ability to help people laugh along with me.

I came from a highly political Corporate climate.  I learned that some bosses will use medical appointments for self-care against you.  Those things were reported internally — and dismissed in the typical fashion of everything else.  That has never stopped me knowing good people still exist in the world in areas I’ve not yet been exposed.  People who do things as such to silence or dismiss keep victims trapped in a victim cycle.  I stopped their hampster wheel and they didn’t like it.  I re-reported crimes that were dismissed.  They didn’t like it.  I stopped caring about “they”.

A long list of trauma has afforded me a distinct sense of mostly dark humor.  Mathematically, the first early instances set up a pattern I was unable to understand nor fend off.  Secondly, the social codes of silence needed to be broken before any semblance of healing or order could be restored.  That’s personal and individual.

A reputation is what others think of you — whether imagined or rumor.  A sense of self has no room for multiple people and their malformed opinions or perceptions.

”Keep going!”

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