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  1. It's been a little while since I've logged on because life is really busy right now but I'm doing okay. Started doing active inner child work with my T and had a really good time cooking with my younger self the other day; I haven't been able to get into that space since but am optimistic that our communication will keep improving.

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    2. Finchy


      It's ok! Life can get away from us sometimes, and forums take a backseat. :P Is it a good busy with work? Good luck with it all! I'm glad you're working with your T. :)

      Yes!! My whole life, too. I played the original Pokemon Red when it first came out. I was in 3rd grade, and I remember being the first kid in class to beat the Elite 4. :lol: I recently played Pokemon Sword. What's funny is that my T is also a big Pokemon fan, so he will use Pokemon analogies in session to help me understand certain concepts lol. ❤️ 


    3. poet-survivor


      :) Yeah, it is a pretty good busy! I tend to do lots of different activities to keep my mind occupied but then I get super busy. And me too, I hope that all is well on your end!

      That sounds like such a good memory! I started with FireRed myself and just kept going. I'm really excited for the Diamond and Pearl remakes! How is Sword? I was thinking of getting it but haven't yet. And that's so awesome that Pokemon plays a role in your healing too!

      -Aurora (switched back to this name, I keep flipping!)

    4. Finchy


      That's good! :) I mainly keep busy with video games and work haha. Though more so on the video game front as work hasn't been too busy lately lol. Thanks! Things have been a bit rough lately, but today was a better day.

      Yes, it was definitely a great memory! Oh that's cool you played Fire Red. So we both played a version of Red first. 😄 I'm excited for the remakes, too, and the new game...I forget what it's called now lol. Also super excited for the new Pokemon Snap coming soon!! I loved the original. Oh Sword is really good. It has a really distinct storyline compared to other games I think. It probably wasn't my favorite, but it was still really good. :)

      Aurora is a nice name! Also I see you use they/them pronouns, too. I'm nonbinary and use they/she. 👍

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