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    Aurora, they/them please!

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    poetry, languages, classical music, crafts!

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  1. It's been a little while since I've logged on because life is really busy right now but I'm doing okay. Started doing active inner child work with my T and had a really good time cooking with my younger self the other day; I haven't been able to get into that space since but am optimistic that our communication will keep improving.

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    2. poet-survivor


      Oh, what other games do you play? I don't have too much time to play but I really like Animal Crossing and have some PC games I've been chipping away at. It's good that today was a better day!

      Haha, yeah! Oh wait, the Arceus one! I just looked it up and it looks really neat, like you're in Sinnoh actually making the Pokedex. Man, sounds like I have a lot of games to catch up on!

      Thanks! And I saw, it's so nice to meet other NB folks!! :) 

    3. Finchy


      I play a lot of games lol. Currently I'm playing Judgment, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Fire Emblem Warriors...oh and yes, ACNH! Animal Crossing is so soothing. I don't play as much as before, but it's always nice to check in on my villagers and buy new clothes. 💜 What PC games do you play?

      Yes, Arceus! It's like an open world game...so cool! Yup, you have lots of games to catch up on and to look forward to. 😄 Treat yourself some time!

      It really is!! Nice to meet you, fellow NB! :lindybunnie:

    4. poet-survivor


      Oh, awesome! Those sound so neat! I have been pretty busy and don't get to play as much but I love checking in on my villagers too. On PC I've been slowly working my way through Oxenfree, I play some Don't Starve, and I've played both Portal games! So not too much, but they're fun. There's also an old MMO called Wizard101 that I really love and play on and off.

      Yeah, it looks awesome! And I definitely will!

      Same to you! 💖

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