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  1. having lost a child, and several miscarriages, there are no words. Thank you for being such a caring friend. she will need you. just be there. she will push you away, so don’t be offended if she does. just send cards, keep caring. the people who kept loving me when i was so broken and beyond the drowning roar of grief that i couldn’t hear their comfort. please keep trying. just ask if there’s a simple thing you can do..like clean or cook..anything they don’t have the mental energy for..it helps. 



    I feel your pain. I hear you. 

    you are cared about here. 

    you are heard. 

    pain does not last forever 

    the sun still rises 

    there is hope

    there is beauty in the world 

    we have to seek it out. 

    i am listening i feel and hear your pain

    i am sorry you hurt

    please keep sharing

    keep speaking your truth

    you matter to me, to us


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