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  1. Hello and welcome to AS. I also live in a town that doesn’t have support groups. I do not drive, and there is not public transport here, so AS is it for me. My T comes to see me. I am glad you found AS! They are so wonderful!
  2. Hi sadandworried, AS is a safe place, I am new too. Welcome!
  3. Hi! I am new too. I have found this site a wonderful and supportive place. Welcome JoniA!
  4. Thank you For the welcome, Mary. I have DID as a result of the abuse. Who wouldn’t right? My mind did what it needed to do to survive, created more of me to cope with the men. Is there a poetry forum?
  5. Thank you for the kind welcomes.
  6. Hello I would like to introduce myself. I recently started therapy for past abuse by my father and uncle. I am a survivor of child prostitution, or whatever it is called. Trafficking. I was sold and used and trained by my father and uncle from a young age. My question to you all is, how do you keep going? I am being flooded with memories, I have complex PTSD. Im not sure it’s worth fighting through most days. Theyre both dead now, so can’t hurt me now, which is cool. I have a husband and children who love me unconditionally. I’m so thankful for that. They are what is keeping me fighting.
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