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  1. Hi Invisible1,

    It sounds like you're going thru a pretty rough time... I hope that you can make an appt w your therapist so you can meet with her soon. A month is a long time to go without... I'm hoping that you can talk w her and resolve whatever issues are going on. It is tough to find good caring helpful therapists... But if the issues don't get worked out, or if she keeps ignoring you, then maybe you'll have to look for someone else, or maybe she could recommend another therapist?  Hang in there



    1. Invisible1


      thanks. she texted me back. her wifi was off on her phone so she wasn’t getting  messages. we texted. we are going to meet soon i hope. no date or time yet. but i am hoping something next week. her schedule is changing so it will be difficult for the next few weeks until we get things figured out and she can work us in and also she has an anniversary coming up of her son’s suicide so she’s taking some time off for that. 

      thanks so much for checking on me. i appreciate it. i am having a high pain day. (i fell down the stairs a couple days ago and broke a couple ribs) due to the abuse and recent brain surgeries i now have seizures so balance is an issue. i am in pt an ot. i’ve had 3 brain surgeries this year, hopefully we are good for now. 

      anyways thanks for listening to me. 


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