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  1. Hi Redness!!! it is very brave of you to join this site and begin to share your story! we are here for you.
  2. of course! Yall are so heckin nice ugh making my heart all soft. thank you for kind words!
  3. So... Hey. Its a little weird being here but i'm excited. I guess lets get started with why i'm here. A lot of my friends haven't been through what have been through. There is like this disconnect where when i talk about what happened to me, or the issues i'm facing because of it, everyone just stares and doesn't respond. Like they think if they say anything I am going to go off or something. It is very lonely i guess. I just really what to make friends with people who will understand because they have been there. I mean i've been through a lot of crap but i wont post anything on this because i feel that is a bit too heavy for an into. Look forward to talking with y'all.
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