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  1. How to stop feeling scared

    My sexual assault was not brutal, prolonged or violent. It was someone I knew. I pulled myself together eventually and reported it and he was charged and it went to trial.There began my nightmare. The police case was brutal, they made mistakes and he was aquitted. After that he hounded me via his new partner who is a police officer.I had warned her he was not safe after learning of his vile history to women and she had her own police force arrest me and I was charged with malicious communication. That process took 2 years ontop of the time for the investigation and trial. When that went to court he decided he did not want to give evidence against me so the case was dropped and is now the subject of police and cps complaint as the case was so biased I now have to go through compaints process that keep this evil individual in my every waking thought process and worse in my dreams.I feel terrified evry time I see a police officer, reporting this although he was charged was the worst mistake of my life and destroyed my life. I haven't been able to work and suffer with serious PTSD. I can't get my head around the whole situation, and because he was supported by his partners police force albeit they did not know some of the evidence that later emerged against him, because they were so biased, I never feel safe. It has affected every aspect of my life. I can't trust anything and I feel so stuck. I am constantly ashamed of myself that I feel so frightened everyday and I dont know how to stop feeling scared. I had therapy but it hasn't helped and I seem stuck in a cycle of fear that I can't get past.