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  1. Welcome to AS @Redness I've only been here a short while, too, and have found this a very kind, supportive community already. Good on you for joining the Scouts and starting to reach out IRL, too!
  2. Thanks for the welcome @Capulet @elisand @Struggling88 @BraveOne @MeBeMary @Youngbellbird
  3. Hi there, Just wanted to officially say, 'I'm here'. Been looking around a bit for a few days, and this forum seems like a really friendly, supportive place
  4. Hi Valkyriesride, I so agree with everyone else about validation. I received it for the first time from my T, and it was so incredibly healing just having someone really acknowledge me and my pain. So yes, this forum with friendly people who recognise what you've been through, and will always believe you, is a great resource. And if you can see a trauma T, I agree with phoenixxx that's a really great step to take. I've used tapping (EFT), which is becoming more and more recognised for PTSD, and it's really helped. Still, any person who will listen and validate is a good thing Sitting with you, if that's okay...
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