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  1. Wow, thank you all for the support. I will definitely check out that thread.
  2. Hi I'm new here. I've got a story to tell that I have never actually told anyone before, and it has been many years since the incident and I'm only just now feeling like talking about it because of all of this stuff going on with Kavanaugh. Seeing people I know, love, and trust, defending this guy has made me realize I really need to talk about my trauma with people who will support me. I'll never, ever tell the people in my life who are the most important to me because I'm afraid it will totally destroy them and maybe even cause some stress related health issues in my older relatives, and therefore I feel like I'll just have to suffer in silence around these people while they spout off a bunch of crap about things they have no real experience with. Anyway, looking forward to posting and hearing what other people think about my weird situation.
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