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  1. I know how terrible that can feel and it isnt something you just "get over" so im sorry that they treated you that way. But you are NOT alone. And you are NOT weak or pathetic or disgusting. I totally understand feeling that way though. As for the suicidal comment, you should contact a hotline or a doctor. Someone that can professionally help you. But again, you are not alone. Everyone in this forum is here to support you.
  2. First off, I love your username! Secondly, I agree with everyone. You absolutely need validation. When i first starting working through my trauma, it took someone telling me that it wasnt my fault over and over again. Telling me that i need to call it what it is, sexual assault or r and not sugar coat it. It took someone telling me that i am exactly where im meant to be, and there was no rule book on how to work through it because everyone is different. Which leads me to coping, i cant exactly tell you how ive coped. But what i can tell you is what ive done to work through things. I'll me
  3. Welcome! I'm new here, but excited as well. I dont have many people i can talk to about this stuff so i look forward to talking with people on here. I've been through a lot myself but i know i'll work through it. We all will. We are stronger than our trauma. Thanks for posting!
  4. Hello! Im new to this forum, but as my name states, i am ready for change. I look forward to chatting with people that know what it is that im going through and to have support from others. I am so sorry to everyone in here that has experienced any of this trauma.
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