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  1. My it’s been a long time since I've been a newbie! I've posted and chatted at Pandora's Aquarium since I was fifteen and I just found this place. It looks similarly supportive and nice so I wanted to add this to my resources. First, my name, JennyFields, is the name of one of my favorite literary characters, she's from John Irving's The World According to Garp. She's a strong, independent woman who doesn't need anyone but herself to be fulfilled but still has meaningful and deep relationships with people in her life. Jenny is a rock. My name is Sara. I'll be 20 in August. I grew up in Tennessee and am going to college here, living on my own. I'm an English major and want to be a college professor one day. I love college so much I never want to leave! :trigger: Why I'm here. I was abused and raped by someone very close to me when I was 14/15. He was six years older than me and took advantage of it. I've been struggling a lot this summer because he's moved in down the street from where I live to attend graduate school for becoming a psychiatric nurse at the school I attend. He's also working at the mental hospital he, more than anything, drove me into when I was 14 AND he's working in the child and adolescent ward. Isn't that insane? This has been very upsetting and has helped me reach out for more resources, including more T visits and attending a women's group at the sexual assault crisis center. I'm really focused on "telling" right now, getting rid of a lot of secrets and learning how to not keep them and be true now and in the future. I'm one month out of a two year sexually abusive relationship with a 33yo college math professor *cross my fingers* and that's really helped facilitate my healing. I've also had some number of other abusive or unwanted sexual situations in my life that I struggle with. Just this year I've started to come to terms with things that happen to me when I was a little child. Now that I've left home my mind has been letting me see under some rocks, so that's been a big deal. Besides just trying to work through what has come before, I'm working on being able to make friends and have healthy relationships, platonic and otherwise, with proper caution and *observed* boundaries. I'm glad to be here and look forward to getting to know some people. I'll be rearing to get into chat because I'm really a chatrat more than anything! *Hugs to all* - Sara
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