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  1. Terrified for Mrs. Blasey Ford

    This person that doesn't even know me just attacked my Facebook post that simply said "Stop the bullying". She made the assumption that I was calling someone a bully. If she had read the entire blog which was people defending Mrs. Ford and that she shouldn't be bullied into testifying on demand without protection. Totally understandable. I feel personally attacked every time I see something hateful towards ANYONE who comes forward. They don't understand how humiliating it is and how hard it is. No compassion. No empathy. And these were purported Christians. People I thought were far from vindictive. I pray that she is supported more publicly by our law makers. I don't know why I am so bothered by this. More than the MeToo movement. They don't understand they are telling victims to stay quiet or face being called a liar, and hated. We are not the bad guys. But this stuff makes me feel more shame for something that I had no control over.
  2. Terrified for Mrs. Blasey Ford

    I was treated the same way by police. I don't understand how our society has declined in their morals. I try to push through and tell myself that what comes around goes around. Rape changes you. I am not the same person. No one understands how awful that feels to have a piece of your spirit stolen from you. Then the police re-traumatize you with their interrogation and strip search practically. The first person the detective talked to after I reported was the monster's father! I put together my detailed account into two 3-inch binders. Sent them off to anyone and everyone from local government to the president. People were telling me to "cut my losses". I have nothing now. Nothing left to lose. I had lost hope. But now, I feel something may be worth hanging in there for. We will stay strong.
  3. College

    I feel the same pain. I have friends who say behind my back, "She just wants attention." Then other friends say, "She's damaged or broken." Yes. I am all those things. But attention-seeking is the farthest from what I want. I just want peace. I hope we find peace soon.
  4. Terrified for Mrs. Blasey Ford

    I have never felt so attacked by the posts I see on social media about how this woman is a liar. I am scared for her. And this triggers fear for my own safety. I wrote to Trump about what happened to me. No response. But he will gladly meet with Kim Kardashian to get a drug dealer pardoned. Am I crazy? That is what echoes in my ears when I hear the hatred people are throwing at this poor woman. I commend her for making something of herself whilst living with this pain. I have given up so much of my life to this. I haven't lived a normal life in 6 years. And I feel more alone every day. Is anyone else affected by what's happening? Please share so I don't feel alone anymore.