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  1. Ljung

    Hello People

    Thank you all for the welcoming and kind words, I do feel that I have found the right place here with you all. It is nice to not be alone in this.
  2. Hey there, So I'm new to this, and I suppose that my telling myself that I don't belong on this forum or that what I experienced wasn't what it was or that it wasn't as bad as others or that I'm fine ignoring and avoiding the confrontation of my past, is why I am finally finding myself among a support system. So that's why I am here, finally getting around to dealing with my own past and how it as affected me during my life. I also think that hopefully finding others with a similar experience will help validate what I feel so I can stop feeling like I am making a bigger deal out of things than I should and to be able to find the right language to discuss my experiences.. /Ljung
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