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  1. I was just about to ask this question... I don't have firefox, but I have an HP PC, not a Mac, so I'm using IE. But my error message keeps telling me I'm not logged in (though right above it it says "logged in as redhead" and then a link to log out). hmmm..... ******************************************** Never mind! I found this. Sorry, I'm still finding my way around- apparently you have to have 25 posts before you can get into chat, if anyone else is new like me and didn't know that. sorry guys!
  2. from my best friend: "Well, everyone does stupid stuff when they're drunk. You need to just get over it and be friends with him again. You're not going to be THAT girl who makes a big deal over nothing are you?"
  3. redhead


    I'm new. I guess I need to do an intro? I'm 22. A year and a half ago some stuff happened with the guy I was dating. It shocked me when he freaked out a week later and asked if I was going to press r**e charges. The thought honestly never occured to me until he said that. Since then, I can't sleep. I fight it. I'm scared to sleep. I don't sleep sober. I take sleeping pills or drink or smoke pot, but even then I fight falling asleep. I have nightmares. I wake up shaking and crying. I get scared if guys get too close to me, especially older guys. I never want to have sex. I cry a
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