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  1. I can totally understand and relate. I'm so sorry for what's happened to you. I'm here for you, a pair of eyes when you need it. As many other posters have said, you are not alone.
  2. Thank you so much. Your last words in brought tears to my eyes (good tears). Thank you. I wish I had done this sooner; I know this will help me to heal.
  3. Thank you so very much! I am here for you too.
  4. Hi everyone. I was nearly assaulted over 3 years ago by someone I thought was a friend. I have "dealt" with it as best as I thought I could without reaching out for help. My two most precious people in the world, my husband and my mom, have been enormously supportive. But, I feel like talking to other survivors will help me and hopefully I can be helpful or at least provide an ear/pair of eyes to them as well. I have grappled with what I now see is very common in survivors, especially questioning if I was actually assaulted, guilt and self-blame (this one has been extremely tough), shame (even now I'm going the online route instead of a face to face group), depression, PTSD symptoms, and some of the worst emotional pain I've ever experienced. I recently moved across the country, away from where I lived my entire life and everything I have ever known and changed my line of work. Part of this was to help "forget" what happened. This new experience has opened my eyes in 2 ways. 1. There is no forgetting it, so I need to FORGET THAT IDEA and 2. I need some kind of closure on this and feel this forum will help me figure out what this looks like (a more direct confrontation (long story), therapy, etc). I'm open to any ideas/comments/insights. And please know I'm here for everyone, anytime.
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