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  1. Thank you I’ll will try that and see what advice I can gain to help with this, I didn’t realise this wasn’t private. Thank you for your response I really do appreciate it and your advice has helped me loads donna
  2. Thank you all for making me feel welcome. I know how hard it is and really appreciate the response. Donna
  3. Hi Mary, thank you for responding, Iv been reading some post and it’s helped already, it’s sad to see so many have endured this but it’s comforting that they understand as messed up as that sounds 😕 this is big scary step for me, I would like advice on how to tell my partner, Iv had a bad couple weeks with memories and triggers and it’s effected our relationship but he doesn’t know why and I’m scared we will become distant and that it will end, my past relationships have been awful and abusive but when I spoke with councillor they said it was normal to go onto relationships like that, but he isn’t like that and it’s the first time Iv been happy and treated right and now I risk it all. I’m also struggling with blame, Iv been blaming myself a lot, for letting it go on so long and not reporting it sooner. I obviously don’t expect you or anyone to have all the answers just helpful being able to ask such questions without fear or judgement donna
  4. Hi, this is my first time using a blog, I find it difficult to talk about my past to actual people face to face, I’m not ashamed but still feel a little scared to talk with people, a few close friends know but it’s hard to talk to them about it as they don’t understand and normally get upset, anyhow thought I’d give this a try to see if it helps without causing upset I’m a survivor of childhood abuse then went into my teens
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