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  1. Suzyem


    Thank you all xx
  2. Suzyem


    Hi I'm Suzanne My life changed 18 years ago and I told no-one until my husband of 15 years begged me to tell him what was wrong because I had started drinking quite heavily to cope (didn't work). My 2 children had all grown up and I had managed to (nearly) 'block it out' for their childhood. The memories came flooding back when my daughter reached the age where she would go out drinking with her friends (my drink was spiked all those years ago) and I was beside myself with worry, I wouldn't sleep and would text her and track her location on an app. I have now also told her about the rape, so she understands that I'm not crazy obsessive over her growing up and being an adult. They have both been amazing but I have got to the point where I don't really want to talk about it anymore with them, so I thought joining this forum may help xx
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