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  1. My birthday

    thanks for that wish.. and welcome to this community.. wishing you the best...
  2. My birthday

    So today is my birthday.. Happy birthday to me.. 💔💔
  3. Am i deserve it?

    Thanks.. i do appreciate it🤗
  4. Am i deserve it?

    It's june already.. my birthday just around the corner.. i don't know what to do.. how to deal with my trauma... i was raped a week after my birthday.. my trauma already come out and haunted my days.. i don't have anyone to talk to.. imsomnia .. depression.. I don't wanna talk to my family.. they don't even believe me.. how will i cope with this situations.... 😭😭😭 Lately i can't sleep.. i feel worthless.. useless.. i hate my self... i can't do this.. Anyways.. i don't have others choice .. i need to struggle.. no one will help me.. only me.. myself.. To everyone that on the same situation with me.. u guys can do it.. even no one trust us.. keep fighting . And never give up.. how hard it is... P/s trying to help myself.. 💔💔
  5. I need help

    Thanks 😢
  6. I need help

    Thanks for that.. 😢
  7. I need help

    Urm.. i don't what to say.. but i guess i need help.. 😢 i need someone... listen to my story.. how hurts i am.. i just can't take it anymore.. i have no one to talk to.. about what happen to me.. 😢😢 Even my family don't believe me.. i don't know who else to believe... i never ask to be rape.. i never ask that... 😢 but no one listen to me... they put blame on me.. I hate myself.. i hate my life.. 😢 i live with trauma and depression.. and it's getting worse.. i do self harm... to getting rid of that feelings... 😢 I don't know what else to do.. i feel like wanna die.. wanna run away.. wanna dissapear... i can't take it anymore.. 😢😢 It hurts me... 😭😭😭 god.. i totally hate my life... this isn't fair... what should i do... why no one trust me???? 😢😢😭😭
  8. Me

    Still crying.. can't get over it.... and i'm trying my best to forget it.. to move on.. Still think about suicide.. how to end it all...how to get rid of this feelings.. But somehow still manage to smile .. laugh... jokes with others.. While at 3 a.m .. 😭😭 I'm all alone.. 😢 and think.... i don't wanna live anymore.. this isn't fair.. why no one get it?? Why people put blame on me?? It's not like i wanna get that things happen to me! Why no one ever considered it.. never ask me how i feel..how i ever survive this depression anxiety all this things... I don't care how many years its gonna take.. but why.. no one believe me... it's not my fault.. i don't want all of this things to happen.. i don't want.. I wanna dissapear.. i want to forget all of this.. 😢 Sorry for my broken english.. 😭😭
  9. That's hurt me

    Hye.. sorry to ask.. why?
  10. That's hurt me

    You need to get over it... Thats what i get when i told my parents about my mental and health issues.. about my trauma and depression.. Thats all.. i need to get over it by myself.. i don't need help.. i'm gonna be fine.. 😊 what's the point i tell them about my problems.. when they don't even care?? Well.. am i really gonna be fine?with this trauma? Depression? And anxiety?
  11. Don't suicide

    I'm a suicider.. i do self harm.. overdose medicine.. but someone.. tell me that i'm worth than anything.. that i'm important.. people do love me.. he told me that doesn't matter when there's no one loves me... god always there... my parents... and my friends.. if i kill myself.. i'll regret it . I will feel regret my whole life... Coz theres people love me... care aout me.. i just don't see it yet.. i just didn't notice it... So i try to struggle until now.. and try to help others.. even though sometimes.. i feel down... i feel like wanna end all of this... i wanna kill myself.. but i tried to struggle... try to be stronger that before... I wish for you... to be stronger than before.. and keep struggling.. don't be alone.. theres always people beside you... that care for you... 🤗🤗
  12. Don't suicide

    The wall and the mask that i made up… Start to crumbling down.. It start to breaking into pieces… And i'm afraid of it… I'm no longer myself.. i already try the best…. But i know it hard… to be strong again… I started to lose it.. Nightmare? Depression? Trauma? Anxiety.. Bulimia... i can't afford it anymore.. I can't.. Faking my smile.. faking my laugh.. faking everything…why? Why do i need to do this.. why do i need to be someone that i'm not… Why do i need to impress everyone.. They don't even care I wake up 3 am everyday.. i'm crying a lot.. i do self harm.. but theres no one with me.. theres no one comfort me.. i know theres no one .. nobody will comfort me.. help me.. through all of this…. I know i'm all alone… i know it… I took a deep breath.. close my eyes for a moment.. i need to let it go.. i must! Just for a while.. i can't.. i know i can't Tears slowly crawl down on my cheek.. I start to scream… i feel pain in my chest.. i feel a lot of burden that i need to let go.. but it didn't happen… I can't take it anymore… I grab cutter that lie on my desk.. I start to cut my wrist.. one cut.. two cut… three cut… blood start dripping on the floor… Same goes with my tears… I drop the cutter.. i start to feel weak.. My tears cant stop falling.. For a while.. i didn't feel pain... i don't feel anything Its getting harder to breath… it hurt deep inside.. its torturing me.. but i can't break free.. so i continue to crying… Why can't let me be who i am… why can't people accept me for who i am… Please.. save me from this feeling… i just wanna be free… I wanna chill out like before… i miss the old moment.. the moment that i still myself… moment i didn't become somebody else… Why everything turn complicated… why… I guess this is life.. i need to become somebody else to impress every single thing in this world… Even it making me frustrated… but i guess this is how i still can survive.. by faking everything… I wake up from my bed… throw away my comforter.. face myself in front of the mirror… even though my wrist hurt.. blood shattered everywhere… i need to continue live on.. I took a deep breath.. i smile… Yes.. i need to smile.. but then i felt something cold on my cheek… i'm crying. I hate to shed a tear… i totally hate it.. And its the moment i know i no longer can't pretend…. Its getting harder to pretend.. to survive… Suddenly i feel a vibration.. my phone ringing.. I see a notification come in.. I got message from someone… Its from someone i know… i pick up my phone and start to read what written on the chat.. "Dear… You know you are my everything.. before this i always alone... you're the one who support … help me whenever i down… i would do anything to always be with you… you know what.. you are my sunshine… you shine my day… when people shut me off.. you always there for me… " "You are worthless than anything… don't hurt yourself… please don't…even no one in this world accept you for who you are... God still there for you.. i'm also always there for you… even its hard.. even its torturing you.. smile. Please smile.. your smile brighter my day.. i know you still there.. you didn't lose yourself.. you are here with us.. come back… we misses you so much….." "But i know… you no longer here.. in this world.. with us… its been 3 month… we miss you a lot.. i.. i can't forgive myself.. for not be there while you hurting yourself... i know i'm not a good friend.. for always left you behind .. i'm sorry that i can't help you to break free from this cruel world… i'm so sorry…." " i miss you a lot…. I wish we still together… to the end… i'm sorry…. " My tears broken.. if only times can be rewind.. i wish i didn't do that stupid thing… i wish i was stronger than this.. I miss you guys too… a lot…. I'm sorry for doing all of this… i thought theres no one here for me anymore…. I'm sorry… i only can regretting all of this… I look around my bedroom.. theres a photo on my cupboard… my photo… with a letter.. That written.. " we will always love you.. we will always miss you.. rest in peace… you are not loser.. you are stronger than anyone.. you are survivor…. may God always bless you dear.." - ♡♡ Don't suicide… ♡♡
  13. I feel empty

    Somehow.. tonight i feel kinda empty I feel like losing my ownself.. feel like wanna give up wanna end my life..
  14. Alone

    I'm all alone... Friends? I dont have it.. actually i have.. a lot of friends.. but they just exist when they need something from me 😂 But i feel happy with my life now.. being alone are good and awesome.. i dont need to think about others.. their feelings.. are they okay or not.. coz they never even care.. about me.. so yeahh.. the hell with it.. 😭😢 actually i do care.. i love all of my friends... but they didnt.. why should i have this kind of feeling.. i hate all of this.. Kinda hating being alone.. but life is bitches.. so yeahh accept it Be strong dearself!
  15. Nightmare

    Thanks for that DukeDorito I appreciate that