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  1. To Post These Banners Save the banner(s) that you plan on using into a folder on your desktop.Upload the image(s) onto a free website such as Photobucket.On the free uploading website, they'll give each banner(s)/image(s) a code.Copy this code.To place these banners on a website of yours (MySpace, Facebook, LiveJournal, etc.), use the HTML coding: <img src="insert your special image or banner code here"> It's always nice to link back to the actual website. To do that, use this code: <a href="insert http:// address here"><img src="banner code"></a> I hope I h
  2. Hi Gemma! I'm Brittany. It's very nice to have you here on AfterSilence! I can't wait to hear your story (pl.?) Hopefully you will find yourself at home, at peace and at progressive healing here!
  3. Welcome, welcome, welcome! I'm sorry that you've been through a r-pe, but am very happy that you've come here and are ready to fight the inner battles. We're like family here, and the more the merrier (how bittersweet it is though).
  4. You've guessed and chosen correctly! This is the best place ever. I'm addicted and only joined a few days ago. Welcome to AS!!
  5. Is anyone else on here a Mac user and able to get on the chat? I'm unable to and was wondering HOW...... :533:
  6. BlueWings


    You've taken the first step! Whether it's joining AS, a RCC group or going to therapy... the determination of desire to heal is the first step! Good for you!
  7. Hi Danielle! Welcome to AfterSilence! You've come to the right place, seriously. It was awkward for me to come here at first, but it's like opening a new, hidden door and being embraced into a truly remarkable safe place. We're all friends here - new and old. It's wonderful! I'm so happy to have you with us (well... unhappy for the reason that brought you here).
  8. I'm so sorry to hear that you've lost your daughter and had such a rough experience! You've come to the right place though, darling. We're here to console and share. Thank you for being strong enough to come here, and we all look forward to getting to know you! Please remember, you WILL heal. You've suffered. You've survived. You've conquered. You've healed. You're a survivor. You're a warrior. You're now somebody's hero.
  9. Welcome to AfterSilence! I'm partially new here as well, and it's been a tremendous help to my healing progress. I can only hope the same for you. Be assured that this is a very safe place!! Just let us know what you need help with, and we're more than ready to embrace you!
  10. I'm so happy you're here and willing to share and cope. That's such an important and big step. We're always here. This place has been the best for me ever since I've joined!
  11. Holy crap, lol. WOW. I didn't know there were that many these days! I feel old!
  12. I'm new, too (few days old now). So far, just in the past two days, I've healed more than the four months of counselling! Welcome here, Ellie ::-): This is definitely a safe place.
  13. I highly doubt that it has anything to do with whether or not she birthed you herself. My mum is my birth mother, survivor of rape herself, and is still quite insensitive. At times I may run to her, like when I'm crying and totally going to lose it, and for a few brief minutes she'll console me the way a sensitive person would. Then the tables turn, and whilst keeping her cool, she turns it on her. "Why is it my fault? What have I done to make you so angry at me and your dad?" The whole attitude thing, get over it - I'm going through that with my mum, too, darling. It's insane how insensi
  14. ...Are you me? Seriously, did I have an out of body experience and go into your body??? I'm 20 as well. My mother was raped at the same age as me, and despite the fact, she can't understand what's wrong with me either! I can't focus. I'm dizzy as a blue kaola. Welcome!!!!!
  15. I'm new here, so you don't know me, but I'm glad that someone is returning. It's so encouraging to see that bond here!
  16. It is so good to see so many other newbies around. Like you, things are currently too hard to discuss at length. It comes in bouts, I know. May angels embrace you magically everyday on the journey to healing.
  17. Thank you, everybody, for the welcomes!!!! *hugs*
  18. Ah! I'm not even a twenty-four hour old member and I've posted more times than I even intended. Haha. Just goes to show to you guys what a great group you all actually are. How inviting and sweet you all are. It's amazing to be able to input and know what others are going through, and yet, the same in return. What a place of peace! (Thank you for the flower!! )
  19. Thank you so much! You're too kind. It's funny how people so often take advantage of precious time spent together, and how people all across the world, in times of need, on a forum... can say they need one another. Thank you!
  20. Wow! Your Audre quote hit home quite hard! I actually needed that and am writing it in my safe journal. *sigh* I'm feeling welcomed already! Thank you!
  21. Thanks for replying, Blake. I appreciate it! I hope that this forum provides the same comfort and level of serenity it has brought you to me, also. I look forward to seeing you and the others around on here.
  22. Oh, I love you already and I'm brand new as well! I'm also very happy to see somebody as verbose as myself. People seem to be turned off by many words, and I don't know if it's the ever-growing selfishness of the population anymore or what, but I truly love words. They speak so much, and I am happy that you're not just a newbie, but a talkative one at that! Oh, and you mentioned coffee and cigarettes. Which, I'm well aware isn't the healthiest of habits in the world, but you piqued my happy note with that so you get a well deserved from me. Lol. Welcome aboard! BlueWings
  23. Somewhat like a crisis centre on the internet, huh? Glad to embrace such a modern wonderment, because it seems the motivation to even get out of bed is just as exhausting as running a few marathons. I'm going to attempt to not be as anonymous as possible (with some exceptions), because slowly stepping outside of the comfort zone is what seems to heal me bit by bit. So, here's my humble introduction in high, high hopes that I'm welcomed here unlike any other place, or by any other person... For now, you guys can call me and identify me by my username. Don't take this wrong, please! I'm
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