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  1. I'm dying Squirtle

    1. CrimsonRegrets


      You should've chose Charmander. Charmander is the best.

    2. PTSD_RyujiSakamoto


      Reported, blocked, banned, doxxed, and called the police

      Jk I love that fiery boi

  2. Hey and thank you for your sympathy.. it really means a lot You're right, there really isn't. What she did was evil whether she was aware of it or not... Thank you! I wish for the best for your recovery too Hello thanks for the welcome! And I'm glad I'll be able to find who can relate to my situation.. I mean, that IS why these forums are made ;) Hey there! Thank you for your support.. Unfortunately that's true.. I was reading a few other threads and some people said a bit about what happened to them and some made me so sad. But the good thing about us f
  3. Hey all! I was recommended to join this site by a friend of mine He’s a survivor as well so I really appreciated it and figured I should make an account I’ve just been lurking through random topics on boards... it’s what I do on a lot of forum sites I come across really haha So, I’m a F/F child on child sexual abuse survivor... I didn’t realize it was abuse until a few months ago in therapy. Unfortunate that I’m in this site regarding my circumstances n all, but what can you do right? I hope I can meet a bunch of nice people on here especially other F/F survivors like me..
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