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  1. I'm dying Squirtle

    1. CrimsonRegrets


      You should've chose Charmander. Charmander is the best.

    2. PTSD_RyujiSakamoto


      Reported, blocked, banned, doxxed, and called the police

      Jk I love that fiery boi

  2. Hey and thank you for your sympathy.. it really means a lot You're right, there really isn't. What she did was evil whether she was aware of it or not... Thank you! I wish for the best for your recovery too Hello thanks for the welcome! And I'm glad I'll be able to find who can relate to my situation.. I mean, that IS why these forums are made ;) Hey there! Thank you for your support.. Unfortunately that's true.. I was reading a few other threads and some people said a bit about what happened to them and some made me so sad. But the good thing about us feeling the same is that we can potentially heal together and empathize with each other better too Hi! I am a Persona fan, yes, haha. I got into P4 back in high school during sophomore-junior year I believe? I'm watching a playthrough of 5 because I don't have a PS4 either 👎 I'm sorry you don't remember </3 I get that feeling.. though I hope you remember so you can heal properly
  3. Hey all! I was recommended to join this site by a friend of mine He’s a survivor as well so I really appreciated it and figured I should make an account I’ve just been lurking through random topics on boards... it’s what I do on a lot of forum sites I come across really haha So, I’m a F/F child on child sexual abuse survivor... I didn’t realize it was abuse until a few months ago in therapy. Unfortunate that I’m in this site regarding my circumstances n all, but what can you do right? I hope I can meet a bunch of nice people on here especially other F/F survivors like me..
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