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  1. i know what your saying about having trust issues. i have them too. i think this is a safe place. welcome to as. c'ya blake
  2. well i think you have come to the right place....ive only been here for a few days now..just so you know. but i can say that you are welcome here for sure. i hope you find this place as helpful as i have. c'ya blake
  3. hi, i'm new here too. so far i think this is a good place. and so far i think its a safe place to come to heal and get suport. i know what you mean about getting out of bed. i have problems getting out of my truck (truck driver). i think this is a good place to work on things like this. i hope you find it as helpful as i have found it to be in the last two days that i have been here. c'ya blake ps thats not my real name just so everyone knows.
  4. G hmm thanks, i think i will. i am just scared and i really dont want to do anything worng. so far i think this will be a safe place. my therupist said i should look online for a site like this. so i have a line of support. I just dont know what im allowed to say or not say other than whats in the rules. i just feel lost right now. c'ya
  5. Hm Hi, Im new here. I'm not sure what to say. Sorry if i dont spell everything right, ill do the best i can. there are a lot of people here. I dont know what to say. sorry. there are a lot of girls here, i hope its ok for me to be here....if not just let me know. c'ya
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