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  1. Hi, I have never been a part of a forum for survivors of sexual abuse so have mixed feelings about joining now. I would say that I rarely even think of the abuse I have been through, and personally don't care for any terminology that implies damage such as overcome, surviver, etc. I am just me. I am at peace with my past, which frankly has been years of abuse of all sorts from childhood up until a few years ago when I left a terrible relationship. Since then I have healed, but now I am trying to help educate people on abuse and how to help, and I am trying to learn how to be a healthy mother to my children. I have almost zero support, and while I have always been alone and can handle it, I joined here so that when I need someone to talk to that understands, I will have some support. It is amazing the attacks you can get when you start to raise your voice against abuse and vow to do your best to help others. It will be nice to be able to communicate with those on here that have been there, are there currently, and understand. I do not like receiving sympathy, maybe some sort of unresolved issues there, so don't tell me your sorry of the things I have been through. They only make me stronger. My goal now is to fearlessly advocate for those trapped in this hell I lived for so many years, and to no longer live my life in fear of anyone. Hence my screen name. So anyways, hello and thank you for being my support system when needed.