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  1. Thank you all for all of your warm welcomes and compliments. I can't wait to meet you all personally! As I went through all the various groups here, I couldn't help but feel like we're all a part of a very special family. I was reminded of the cute story of a box of crayons . . . . <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< JUST A BOX OF CRAYONS While walking in a toy store The day before today, I over heard a Crayon Box With many things to say. "I don't like red!" said Yellow. And Green said, "Nor do I!" And no one
  2. I'm sorry for not introducing myself a few days ago when I joined. It's just that once I started reading and posting, I didn't feel 'new' here. . .I felt like I always belonged. Isn't that something? My name is Hevinlee - married to Brian (going on 3 years) and we share the joy of my 3 grown children and 6 cutest grand-babies. We live in beautiful peaceful Indiana where we are retired. He's a disable veteran of 13 years. He served in the Gulf war and he is now enjoying life to its fullest. I also am at home a great deal and spend most of my time here on the pc. I'm currently working on two mor
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