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  1. welcome. I am new here also and it feels like a safe place and everyone is very supportive.
  2. Its wonderful to have a male opinion. My ex made me feel like all men are just like him. I learned how much I was manipulated once I was out of the relationship. I often get angry that I didn't figure that out sooner. I stayed in the relationship far too long and hate that I let him get away with so much. I feel I am doing much better with my self esteem now and I have accepted that I have had trauma in my life and that it is not my fault but I have to deal with him on a regular basis because we have kids. I am nice to him for the kids sake but that is very tough. It's like healing and
  3. I really appreciate people to talk to who have the same type of experiences. I have looked for support groups in my area and there are none close enough. I think this is a good place for me. @BraveOne I have felt the same way and been alone for awhile. I am so much happier alone than I was with him that I was content to be by myself. I am angry I cant feel the same way about men that I used to. The guy in my life has been a friend for a long time, I actually knew him before my husband. He has been very supportive but I think he is worried he is waiting and I may never be ready. I am af
  4. Thank you for the advice. I have talked to a T and will most likely go back. I have a very good friend who really does want to have a relationship and I worry that I will lose a very special person.
  5. Hello, I am new here and came because I am having a very hard time allowing myself to get into a new relationship and wonder if anyone has any helpful advice. It took me a long time and some therapy to really except that my husband sexually abused me. I felt like because he was not physically forcing me to have sex that what he was doing was ok. He bullied me, put me on a sex schedule, would not sleep in the bed if I didn't want to have sex, toss and turn if he actually slept in the bed and would not let me go to sleep until I gave in. Sex became something I hated and resented. H
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