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  1. Triggered shaky mess today. Feeling super alone and realizing that I can't protect me or them.

    1. Ghostly Lilian

      Ghostly Lilian

      What happened? :( I wish I could be more supportive today, sorry.


  2. I'm still a hot mess, but at least I have finally developed some survival instincts :dance:Now, to retrain that brain!!

  3. sometimes I just come here so I don't feel alone:/ 

  4. Numb, exhausted, burnt out, overwhelmed and triggered...….Can't seem to pull it together if I try, and after yesterday's therapy session, I'm not even sure I should try anymore. :unsure:No one understands.

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    2. Free2Fly


      Thank you :) , how are you doing?

    3. tsipilpe_sara


      Really exhausted. I actually prefer exhaustion though. It's really the only time I sleep. Are you doing any better?

    4. Free2Fly


      I see , I'm sorry it's the only time your sleep.

      honestly I'm kinda exhausted & still kinda anxious too.

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