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    Everything outdoors hiking, racing, bonfires, mudding, driving back roads, fishing, kayaking, I love sports, music, animals, drawing, and more.

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  1. @whitman Welcome to AS, I am so sorry for the horrible things that have happen to you that has lead you to here, but I am very sure that you will get the answers that you are looking for and meet many people that have been were you are at now, I joined a little bit ago and have found it to be very helpful during my healing process everyone is very nice and supportive here, it is a safe and open space. Again welcome to AS and if their is anything you ever need or you want to talk you can always PM me.
  2. Hi Jessica, Welcome to AS, I am so sorry to hear about what you went through three years ago it is a horrible and terrible thing that you shouldn't have had to experience, I hope that you can take great comfort in knowing that this is a safe and open place and everyone is very supportive here, it has helped me a great deal in my healing process alone. I wish you the best in yours, and if you need anything you can always message me, im sitting with you and sending safe hugs your way if that's okay.
  3. We are more than glad to have you back, and I wish you the best in your healing journey, you are not alone.
  4. Welcome to AS Michelle, so glad you found this site everyone is very nice and supportive, I'm sure you will find it very useful as I have. Also what kind of dogs do you have? I am a huge animal love myself as well.
  5. @Cmerlotts Welcome to AfterSilence, Take your time and look around, we are all here for you if you need anything you are not alone this is a great little community we are all very supportive and uplifting.
  6. Jaccod77


    @Saz78 Welcome to AS, I'm sorry to here about your recent trauma, I joined about three weeks ago and everyone is very supportive, you will not be alone. I hope you are doing Okay given it is so recent, I hope you husband will be very understand when you decide to tell him. I wish you the best healing process and safe hugs if that's okay.
  7. Thank you @MeBeMary I truly needed those kind words and encouragement, I hope to find lots of support and healing as I open up and talk to people on here such as yourself. I hope you are doing well in your healing process too and best wishes for you as well.
  8. @BraveOne and @pattyr thank you both for making me feel very welcome and safe and letting me know my feelings are valid and are normal I think that is one of the things I am struggling with most too. Again thank you.
  9. Thank you @silentg for being so supportive and not judging, I started getting help by seeing a counselor in my hometown, but I can only see her so often, so I have these pent up feelings and emotions until then, but now that I found this place I'm hoping it will help as I can post and talk to people that had been in the same situation I have been in and be judgement free.
  10. I am new to this site and I don't know exactly how it works yet, but I'm hoping to find some healing and closer knowing their are others like me that this has happened too. Three weeks ago tommorow is when I was raped by the man I thought I was in a committed relationship with. We had been dating for about ten months and I started getting really shady feelings and so I decided to look in too it, I found out that he was still technically married when he told me he was separated and divorced. The night we had plans to meet up and me give him his things back he could tell something was wrong with
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