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  1. Hoping to share

    Thank you rudolf, struggling and one. I can already see the support here is amazing
  2. Hoping to share

    Thank you silentg, your support means a lot.
  3. Hoping to share

    Thank you all for the welcoming and kind words. It means a lot!
  4. Hoping to share

    Hello. I am new to this community and although I am very nervous I am also very hopeful to have found it. I am working with a therapist after battling almost a decade of untreated depression that was sparked by an abusive relationship that began when I was 16. I suppressed my memories and feelings about this for the past 6 years that I have been free of the relationship. It is terrifying to me to even think about speaking of it, but my therapist and I both believe it will help me heal to be able to do so. Thank you for listening and I hope to be able to share my story soon. Even sharing this feels like a huge relief.