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  1. Trying to Help after the Rape Kit

    Thank you so much for the responses so far. I'm hearing considerations I would not have known to think about.
  2. Hi, I am a newcomer to this board. I am a secondary survivor who has chosen to deal with the situation by volunteering at our local sexual assault center. We are in a largely rural area. One of the things that concerned me when I started volunteering was the stocking of the "go" bag for medical advocates. Our center maintains a closet from which we are asked to stock our bags with clothing for survivors who surrender their clothing for evidence. We live in a climate which is very hot in summer and very cold in winter. I am concerned that it's hard to anticipate the needs of each survivor we encounter, particularly with regard to size, so I have, with the blessing of the executive director at the center, started an initiative to find out if we can have some storage space near or in the Emergency Department that we can keep stocked with clothing for our clients. I was hoping that people here who have been through the experience of being clothed at the ED might weigh in with what worked or did not work and what they wish they had been outfitted with. Currently, our go bags are stocked with sweat shirts and sweat pants in size extra large. My thinking is that underwear - panties and sports bras would add dignity and comfort. Seasonally, a t-shirt so that the sweatshirt could be removed when they leave the icy ED for the warm outdoors would seem helpful, and socks in winter. A variety of sizes would be good too -- children and larger people shouldn't have to feel crappy about what they are wearing as part of one of the most challenging experiences in their life. Do people surrender their shoes? Should we be providing flip-flops? We have a limited budget, of course, and we anticipate that nothing we provide will EVER be worn again, since few people would want to keep this clothing and the memory it represents and will likely discard it as soon as they have access to their own wardrobe again. So I'm looking for an economical way to provide some dignity and comfort for a short time. Obviously, I'm operating in a state of ignorance, here, and while I am sure staff at the center will be able to add insight, I'm really interested in feedback from people who have been through this. Can you help? What sort of clothing did you/would you have wanted to be issued? Valerie