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  1. I'm 26.. I'll be 27 in Feburary. I don't feel 26 though.. I still feel like I'm about 16. I am a bit immature I'm afraid! Hehehe.... Jess
  2. I am from a little bitty town in Iowa but moved to Northern Virgina about 4 years ago. I miss Iowa and the open spaces. I'm not really an urbanite. Jess
  3. Welcome Lynx... I am fairly new here too and have found everyone to be so nice. I feel like I am fitting in already... something I usually don't do. Sorry for your reason to be here but WELCOME anyways. ~Jess~
  4. I just wanted to say thank you for all the kind replies. Thank you all for welcoming me with open arms. I have spent most of the day reading posts and crying. My healing is just beginning even though my abuse was along time ago. I think this board will be a good place for me to be me.
  5. OK... here goes... OK.. I'm just going to say hi and I'm a bit emotional right now. If you could please go to the survival stories I will post there as to what I need help with. Just don't feel comfortable posting on a public forum. Thanks!
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