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  1. Newcomer here

    safe hugs hun. I'm going sleep .always ok for hugs. need a nap my head pounding.
  2. Newcomer here

    thank you so much for all the support. I finally had the courage to confront my stepfather. I wrote a letter to him and had a friend deliver it to him that he doesn' know. it took me ten years to write this.
  3. Newcomer here

    thank you so much
  4. Newcomer here

    thank you
  5. Newcomer here

    thank you all for your warm welcome. I have been isolating myself for last few months . I have so many missed work days and I only work part time. I just dont want to leave my house anymore.
  6. Newcomer here

    I am laura and I am a c.s.a survivor . i was repeatedly S.A. by my stepfather from the age of 12 to 17 .I'm in a dark place . with self harm and thoughts of death last few months. I'm tired of dealing with ptsd, anxiety , depression and bpd. I'm mentally and physically exhausted . I'm going to be 39 soon and I'm not quite sure I will see that birthday at this point . I'm just so tired. I got a new tattoo to prevent me from self harming . it has been a rough road.