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  1. Welcome to AS, @rebelliouslyhopeful - I agree, it is sad that we meet under these circumtances, but it is my hope that being a part of this amazing community will bring you peace, comfort and healing. Dipping your toe in is the absolute best way to start the process....take it all at the pace you find to be best for yourself. Looking forward to getting to know you. Best wishes, and again - welcome! - Cap
  2. Hey, AS family! How're you all doing? I'd like to first preface this journal entry by making clear that I am in NO WAY blaming any of you for the traumatic experiences you've endured at the hands of others. THEY are the ones responsible - not you. THEY chose to harm you - therefore, THEY are one hundred percent at fault. This journal entry is one of my rare emotion-dumps that may or may not make sense, given the hour. It will make sense later, though, I promise. We have a snow day tomorrow (today), so I am up late - so apologies in advance for anything resembling a ramble.
  3. Welcome to AS, @ZiggyStardust - I am sorry for the circumstances that have led you here, but am glad to hear you have begun your healing process....a process it is, indeed! I am confident you'll find our community to be supportive and that you will find that you're not alone, here. Wishing you all of the best! - Cap
  4. Good morning @Karma1122 and welcome to AS!! Thank you for sharing your daughter’s artwork. She is extremely talented. I cannot imagine how proud of her you must be! I hope that being among our community brings you peace, comfort and healing. It truly has done so for me, and has made my journey run smoother. Looking forward to getting to know you! Best wishes, Capulet
  5. Welcome to AS, @misha! So sorry you have reason to be here, but this is truly a great community. The folks here are very supportive and I hope that being here brings you comfort. Wishing you all the best in your healing journey! Best, - Cap
  6. It’s nice to meet you, Grim, I am called Cap on here - got to love the nicknames that we pick up in life - sometimes I feel my nickname fits me more than my given name! Thank you for taking the time to introduce yourself. I really think you will like it here! Anyway, I welcome you to After Silence. This community has truly helped me to heal from my (various types of) abuses and it is comforting to know I am not alone. The support is overwhelming, here - and the connections I have made are truly priceless. I hope you find that the same is true for you, too. My best wishes, -
  7. I know my posting and involvement has been less and less lately.  I’ve been in a bit of a funk, trying to acclimate to job and family (and pet) demands, new sleep schedules, and to top it off, am getting over being sick last week…getting back to 100% IS a thing!!  It all adds up!  I want you all to know though, that I DO still come here daily and think of all of my friends every day.  There is something comforting about being here, even if not much is said.  It is still comforting to see all of you, even if just in name.  Sending you all hugs!!  ❤️


    1. WannaMoveOn


      No worries Cappy, please just take care of yourself. I know you have a lot going on, and I also know you're working a lot with the site "behind the scenes". 

    2. Finchy


      Take care of yourself, Cap! ❤️ I've been sick for the past month...so I understand being sick and wanting to get back to 100%! Plus you're working and dealing with family etc. It's totally ok! It's just nice hearing from you when we do. :) 

    3. ActivistAlly
  8. Welcome to AS, @TowardsHealing - so sorry that you have reason to be here - the growing number of community members will never something that will become easier to see - but I do hope that being here among those who understand will bring you peace, comfort and healing. Best wishes, - Cap
  9. I know some of us are still working on self-confidence!! ❤️  



  10. Welcome to AS, @corpsegirl333, this is a terrific community!! Wishing you the absolute best! - Capulet
  11. Welcome to AS, @queennanosparkle! Though I am sad you have reason to be here, I also have hope that being among those who truly understand will be the difference within your healing processes. Take gentle care! Best wishes, - Capulet
  12. Welcome to AS, @midnitemoon!!! So sorry for the circumstances that have led you to this community but am truly glad you are aboard the healing train! The folks here are truly wonderful! Best wishes, - Cap
  13. Hi Benjamin, welcome to After Silence! Wishing you all the best. I am here if you have any questions. Sincerely, - Cap
  14. Welcome to AS, @cryinginside - you are among many who understand what you are going through. Take your time exploring the site - I truly hope you find the support you seek! You can always ask your local hospital, crisis resource center etc for a therapist who specializes in sexual violence/trauma. Sometimes it's hard to find a good therapist just by looking up therapists in the area - you definitely want one whose focus is in the sexual abuse/sexual assault/trauma arena - that truly can be the difference. I would consider my preferences - (male/female therapist, etc), jot them down
  15. Capulet


    Welcome to AS, @JaneM! I'm so sorry for the circumstances that have led you to our community, but truly glad you found us. This is definitely a supportive space for survivors to connect with other survivors. I must say I never realized how much could be learned from others who can relate, and I'm hopeful that being here will demonstrate the same for you. This is a question many of us struggle with - I think the answer varies for us all. I think, though, it's important to keep in mind a few key self-questions. How is this person likely to react? Would they be supportive? Are they
  16. Sending everyone strength, love, peace, comfort, healing and lots of cookies and coffee.  Hoping you are all hanging in there and being kind to yourselves today.


    - Cappy


    1. MeBeMary


      Swap out coffee for cocoa, then I'll have a mug. Also sending back all that good stuff to you, @Capulet. Hoping you, your new wifey, your kids all enjoy the holidays. :throb:  

    2. Finchy
  17. Capulet


    Welcome to AS, @Rdy2try - it's okay to not know what to say right away - sometimes it takes a while to become comfortable. Take your time and look around - this is truly a wonderful community filled with many who understand. You're not alone! Take gentle care. I am hopeful that being here will bring you peace, comfort and healing. Best wishes, - Capulet
  18. Tomorrow, November 17th is World Pancreatic Cancer Day.  

    I invite you all to leave a 💗 in support of those who are directly and/or indirectly struggling with cancer.  Know you are loved, supported and thought of, EVERY day.  

    I'm wearing my pink a day early.


    1. ActivistAlly
    2. Field8


      Fighting this disease everyday. Love you Cap and everyone. 💜 We are purple fighting!!!

    3. orangegiraffe
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  19. Absolutely, @Six_times_seven!!! I was married to a man who didn’t support healing - at least, his version was, ‘forget it and move on.’ We all know that’s not possible. I’m very glad I moved on from him - I will never be able to forget my trauma but I feel better about healing in general - it is a slow but sure process - especially when done with adequate support. ❤️
  20. I am sure you will, hun!!! ❤️❤️❤️ We are a constantly evolving species. Every few years, I’d say. 😉 Ya know, the strange thing about change - we sometimes cringe at the thought. Many of us (including myself) don’t like changes - especially drastic ones. I was not a very happy person back then, was just trying to maintain the facade for the sake of the people around me - ex-hubby, the kids…I found AS about a year before the separation/divorce and things would get much worse before they improved. I’m glad I embraced these changes! 💕 - Cap
  21. @WannaMoveOn, Oh, my!!!!!! 🫢 How long it’s been!!! Yes, lots of changes. The husband went bye-bye in 2009 and the wife (I’m remarried now!) and I tied the knot last weekend. 😉 It definitely took a while to get here but I am in a good place. Thanks for the chuckle. And for letting me know you felt inspired!! ❤️ - Cappy
  22. Welcome to AS, @angel.heart! I am sorry for the circumstances that have led you to this community, but I am very glad you are here. I hope that being here brings you peace and healing!!! Wishing you all the best, - Cappy
  23. Welcome to After Silence, Ziggy! I am sorry for the circumstances that have led you here, but hope being here among those who understand will bring you peace, comfort and healing. All the best, - Cap
  24. Today marks 26 years since my rape. It's surreal that this much time has gone by while sometimes, it feels as if it were only yesterday. Thank you to those of you who reached out with hugs and words of support and encouragement today - as well as the days leading up to today. I loathe 10/4 with every fiber of my being but knowing you're all thinking of me does help. I just want you all to know that I am doing all right. The last few weeks have been cloudy, and I expect I will remain in a somewhat foggy state until mid-month, but at least the 'day' will be over, soon. I apologize for not
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