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  1. Hello! Welcome. I am new here, too!
  2. Hi onlytime, There is no time line for healing - I'm learning that myself. I am terrible at talking in person, most of my expression is done via the written word. Most of us who post here have been through the same thing, and whether it was twenty years ago, ten years ago, last year or yesterday, it is still a major part of our lives and who we are...so please do not feel that there is a schedule for you and something that you "should" be doing/following - only your heart will be able to guide you. You have already taken a big step in the right direction by joining AS and I hope you find
  3. Capulet


    Hello and welcome! I'm new too. I have found this to be a wonderful place and I hope you do, too.
  4. Hi Quinn and welcome. I am relatively new here, too. Enjoy your stay!
  5. Welcome, Sara - nice to meet you. I hope you find the same amount of support here as I have.
  6. Agreed, no small cases. Enjoy your stay here and we hope to get to know you a little bit more, too.
  7. Please don't feel that you're attacking me. Part of the reason I am here is because there are SO MANY different thoughts and opinions on how to deal with one specific topic/situation. I welcome other thoughts and ideas on it when it comes to my own situation and hey, we don't know each other too well yet, so there's no way for me to tell what works for you and what does not. I just hope to help, even if it's in a small, SMALL way. My mother was never sexually abused or assaulted, so I cannot relate to her in that respect. I don't even feel that I can tell her what happened to me, but a s
  8. Hello and welcome. This is a great place, I am new too. I like it!
  9. Nicole, It was just a suggestion. I have been wrong before and will be wrong many times to come. I am sorry your mother is not very sensitive to what happened. I do understand to some extent though - for me, it happened ten (almost 11) years ago and I still feel very angry and very bitter about it. It's easier for me to "whatever" it and move onto more present things that I need to think about. I sometimes forget that anger is a big part of healing and I feel badly about it eventually. However, I am learning. My daughter once asked me "what happened?" My response was snapping, "I don
  10. Hi Nicole, I am new here too. If it helps any, I am a parent - I don't even LIKE to think of even the POSSIBILITY of something like this happening to any of my children, no matter how unrealistic it may seem to say to myself that it won't. Perhaps your mother is the same way - she does not understand because she recognizes some of the signs in you and it makes things hard for her to cope with and so she "shuts down." It may not be the case, but it's a thought. Have you tried talking to her about some things? Maybe once the ice is broken, your mother can help you through some of it? Any
  11. Perhaps I will in time as I get to know some of you better. My writings reveal a lot of my inner self and I like to be sure I know who I am dealing with before I share. Thank you though, everyone, for the welcome.
  12. Hi Julia, I am new too, I only started posting yesterday.
  13. Well, I thank all of you for the warm welcome. I'm glad that this board was recommended to me. I'd love to get to know all of you.
  14. And I look forward to getting to know everyone here. It's been great so far.
  15. Thanks, Nicole, that is relieving to hear!
  16. My best friend gave me the link to this site and I signed up yesterday. A little about me - I'm 28 years old and my hubby and I have four kids (two were his from a previous marriage, and then we had two of our own) and one dog and three insane cats. We're all crammed under a teeny-tiny roof somewhere in the city of New York. For now I am a stay-home mom to a beautiful 1-year-old while the rest of the kids are in school...after three o'clock, things get REALLY interesting around here. I'm also a starving author, and writing seems to be my outlet for many things. (Easier than talking, ain
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